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On the “apocalypse”

Hard-remain “Brexit-apocalypse” merchants – like all apocalypse merchants and preppers – amuse me.

Oh no! You want me to imagine a world where resources I depend on are scarce, where I may go without heating and electricity, and where I might not have food available for days on end?

Oh my word!

If only there was any experience I’ve had in my life where that was the case, from which I could draw any ability to confront it and survive.


As an ex-homeless person, let me see…. 🤔

Nope. Can’t think of anything 🤣

Yeah, that “3 missed meals” scare tactic you preppers want to employ doesn’t really work on someone who’s missed meals for a week or more.

Please, go ahead and hoard some tinned goods and dried food, pretending it’ll see you through an apocalypse.

The great irony being that in such an apocalypse, it’s truly the homeless who will come out on top 😉

Yeah, Bob, I’m sure your stuffed larder will see you through the end of the world and not make you a target for raids.

It’s not as if those of us who’ve had to be resourceful when finding food and shelter wouldn’t be caught completely off-guard by a total meltdown of society, let alone a minor glitch in resource-distribution dynamics lasting about a week or even a month. And it’s not as if we hadn’t already spent several months or more living as if society had completely broken down – which, let’s face it, for us it did.

I don’t wish an apocalypse on humanity at all. It’s hell living like that.

But, apocalypse merchants and preppers: stop trying to scare me with an environment I’ve survived in for prolonged periods before, without having to resort to your laughable ideas of “being prepared”, as if you know anything about what it’s like to have the societal infrastructure you rely on being suddenly taken away from you.

It’s cute to watch, like a puppy chasing its tail – funny, but ultimately fruitless and ends up with me laughing at a silly naive idiot being confused at how their actions only cause themselves pain.

At the end of the day, most of you apocalypse merchants and preppers will lose everything in any worse case scenario.

You wouldn’t even make up 1% of the survivors.

Those of us who’ve been on the streets know this, because we’ve seen it – we’ve seen how it plays out: selfish pricks who hoard recourses and treat their kin like shit get fucked. They literally don’t survive.

Innovators and those who care and share (those groups not being mutually exclusive), survive. It’s been how our ancestors always survive.

So, go ahead. Scare me. Don’t be surprised when I laugh in your face.

Maybe it’s all the time I spent literally living the apocalypse you portray but never spent a second to ensure nobody who experienced it would have to ever again 😉🤣

To everyone else: the apocalypse will be nowhere near as shit as you think, as long as you’re compassionate and the type of person who has a theory of mind robust enough to recognise homeless people as people ❤️

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