Talking about pro-homeless issues online

Every pro-homeless thing I post gets support from my friends, and I love you for it.

Even 10 year’s ago it would be almost unthinkable to post pro-homeless things with any real support, and mostly just abuse would result.

I still get the indifference, still the abuse. I still have people use my status as an ex-homeless person against me.

I still have people pretend that the moment my homelessness comes up in a discussion or debate automatically means my voice no longer counts.

And it still hurts every time.

But I always knew that was how the world worked. It’s what I grew up knowing, and so as frustrating as it is, it’s just something I know to expect.

What’s amazing is to see how that’s becoming less normal, or at least less accepted as normal. To see how I find myself surrounded by people throughout the world who reject anti-homeless prejudice as being “normal”, and who reject homelessness as “normal” as well as the narratives that perpetuate it.

It’s not an easy issue, because we live in a system that not only exacerbates it, but which normalises the victimisation of homeless people – and even worse, commodifies us in order to profit from our perpetual stigma.

But every time I tackle the deep and disturbing issues, I find people who feel the same about the injustice and about what it means to be human.

Thank you.

I can’t ever truly put into words what it means.


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