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Integrated sports

The arguments against integrating sports seem to come from the idea that all or some sports are solely strength based, and male physiology typically overpowers female physiology.

Now, there’s a lot to unpack in that latter argument itself, but I’m yet to find any sport that is SOLELY strength based anyway.

Literally all sports involve an amount of skill and innovation.

We’ve seen many times how somebody less strong than someone else still manages to beat them by using skill and creative techniques.

I mean, the only reason the high jump got to the record breaking feats we see today is because someone had the mental acuity to watch other high jumpers and creatively come up with a method that beat them.

And anybody else recall the “super bike” incident of 1996, where Chris Boardman won by a margin beyond the accepted difference between male and female cyclists? Literally any of the top flight female cyclists at the time would have won the men’s gold medal on that bike.

Perhaps that method is now fixed physiologically, somehow (because one thing I’ve learned from looking at the human race is that physiology and morphology is completely fixed and doesn’t change at all and everyone is the exact same as everyone else down gender or sex lines despite that not being the case in biology at all), such that brute strength really is all that matters.

But very few sports are like that at all.

When anybody watches football, they talk about individual skill and group tactics – often marvelling at a weaker team or individual besting an opponent.

But for some reason we think that only works down gendered lines, without any evidence to demonstrate it.

We’re also assuming that a status quo for humanity now will forever be true, despite that not being how evolution works and how our attempt to enforce it might actually be what perpetuates it.

Nature is full of animals whose females can outperform the males in every way.

They weren’t created like that.

They didn’t poof into existence like that.

They evolved like that.

Environmental pressures made them like that.

It’s not “natural” that females will always be weaker than men – in many species they are bigger and stronger.

So I just don’t get the arguments against integrating sports.

They mostly come from misogynistic interpretations of both physiology and mental capacity.

To be fair, I get the argument for certain sports at the top flight of those sports, given our current “typical” physiology, being segregated in order to allow top flight female athletes to shine.

Segregated runners, weightlifters, high jumpers, etc, fine…. ish (because I don’t think you can really identify physiology into a clean binary based on gender or sex, neither of which is a true binary. Seriously get over yourselves and learn the basic facts that nature isn’t as clean as you want, unless you intend to ban hermaphrodites from sports because their existence makes your tiny heads explode. Like for fucks sake how fragile does your worldview have to be to base it on pretending actual living people don’t exist in order to perpetuate it? IT’S 2019 you remedial biologically illiterate dipsh…..)

But I don’t agree with even this being set in stone in a manner that either accidentally or actively seeks to make this a permanent feature of humanity.

Rant over.

TL;DR maybe people should stay awake during biology classes ffs 🤦‍♂️

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